Last Call – Who'd Pick a Pontiac? Edition

Did you hear the story about Billy, the high school quarterback, and Mindy, his cheerleader girlfriend? Seems they went up to the old mine shaft to make out, even though they’d been warned about the passed-on prospector, a miner’s ghost who haunts that hill to this very day. Billy turned the radio up, reached over looking Mindy in her big blue eyes, and flashed his patented killer smile. Mindy, of course, began to melt.

Well, Billy took things a little too far, and Mindy – worrying her promise ring and forcing herself to think about Mr. Wilkee, her septuagenerian history teacher – demanded that she be taken home immediately. Dejectedly, Billy acquiesced. On the drive back they didn’t talk, but were both struck by an odd sound coming from the right side of Billy’s car.

Upon arriving at Mindy’s house, she quickly threw open the car door and jumped out, not giving Billy so much as a glance. It was then that Mindy turned toward where the noise had been coming from, her eyes going wide and her hand covering her mouth, because there, stuck in the side of Billy’s car was a. . . 

Image source: [Imgur]

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