Hooniverse: Which marque do you want to see celebrated at Pebble Beach?

No, the Pebble Beach Concours event is unlikely to ever celebrate anything AMC. This year will still be a good year though, as the Monterey Car Week set is ready to champion Citroen. Beloved French beauties will ramble onto the greenery along the coast and serve as the featured marque for 2018.
If Hooniverse were somehow given the task of selecting a featured marque for Pebble Beach, what should we choose?

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23 responses to “Hooniverse: Which marque do you want to see celebrated at Pebble Beach?”

  1. onrails Avatar

    As much as we all want it – AMC probably, despite the short term efforts of Penske/Donohue, won’t get the featured marque anytime soon. But something different than the train of Porsche/Ferrari/Chevrolet/Ford easy picks would be cool to see. Not sure if Alfa or Lancia has ever had the honor. But as long as you’re wading around the pools of money in Monterey, might as well go all in. Duesenberg raced for a bit at Indy and Bonneville, let’s see those monsters go down the Corkscrew! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fbd05b26433905ae4d918c9a3cff74fd00cc5c4ba722420486d8ac11b7d3aec1.jpg

    1. Fuhrman16 Avatar

      You say Plymouth, yet you show pictures of a Hillman Avenger, Mitsubishi Lancer Celleste, and a Dodge Ramcharger? 😉

  2. smalleyxb122 Avatar

    If Citroen can be, Renault can be, and if Renault can be, AMC might sneak in by association.

  3. neight428 Avatar

    I vote for a Vector/Daewoo twin bill.
    I eagerly await mdharrell’s input.

    1. 0A5599 Avatar

      Vector was my first thought.

  4. Alff Avatar


  5. tonyola Avatar
  6. Sjalabais Avatar

    One of the brands I respect the most right now is Kia. If I was in the marked for a new car, their offerings would be on my list, probably at the top. Time to figure out their history, and celebrate it.

    1. Manxman Avatar

      I’m on my second Soul but I will be long gone before a Kia is ever celebrated at Pebble Beach!

    1. tonyola Avatar

      Heh – I almost don’t hate the Zimmer Quicksilver. At least it looks something like a professional styling job – the only really messy part is the heavy chrome around the taillights. I think this is a better fate for a Pontiac Fiero than some fake Ferrari 328 kit. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2ac9b8aeba941a8eb01c1acb7c7512236f68725ccc47a40deeb3f18942fe7dd8.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9410c13773a5662512b0e04b52c8ba82681bafa3bb8e57bea8bdd5490d14c2bb.jpg

      1. P161911 Avatar

        Those aren’t the headlights.
        Just the parking lights.

      2. neight428 Avatar

        Did they cut up an 80’s Thunderbird to make that B/C pillar?

      3. 0A5599 Avatar

        How come the car in the second picture has a “PMY” license plate, but wears grey paint?

    2. neight428 Avatar

      They’re cars for those whose considerable enthusiasm is focused on something other than cars. Something weird.
      Their corporate slogan should be “Keep them guessing, drive a Zimmer!”

  7. SlowJoeCrow Avatar

    I’d like a microcar special, Goggomobil, Lloyd, Heinkel, Isetta, Peel, and early Kei cars.

    1. Alff Avatar

      As well as the Etceterini for the racing perspective.

  8. outback_ute Avatar

    Sunbeam. Grand Prix racing and land speed records in the 1920s. There are a lot of interesting pre-war Sunbeam cars, and then they have the rallying heritage in the 50-60s even before you get to the more modern Tigers.

    1. sunbeammadd Avatar

      Also first British constructor to win a grand prix, endurance racing in the 1920s and again in the 1960s, Brooklands, Indianapolis, British touring cars including 3 championships (albeit by a privateer team), a WRC title if you count Talbot Sunbeams.

  9. Manxman Avatar

    I should have said that I’m on my first “mortal” soul and my second Kia Soul. You ae right, it would grab the attention of the prigs!