Hooniverse Asks- When it Comes to Car Tech, What’s Better, Old School or New Rule?

70628 Do you like fiddling with your car? I mean, is it a badge of honor for you to keep it running right? What does that involve? Back in the day what that meant was something along the lines of giving the car a ‘tune up.’ What the heck was a tune up? Well, the basics were usually a series of adjustments and measurements – making sure the spark plug and ignition point gaps were correct, that the carb idle was set right, and that the timing was adjusted for maximum efficiency. Do you know who does all of that on the modern car? That’s right, a little guy called the computer who has pretty much made you obsolete when it comes to regular under the hood maintenance. Oh sure you can still change the oil and the occasional filter, and maybe top off a fluid every now and then, but other than that your engine compartment is pretty much like the royal family – no touching! How does that make you feel? For me, well I like it both ways, and that goes for my cars too. I appreciate the fact that my modern daily driver will go for miles and years without the constant hood popping and adjusting this and checking that. It all just sort of works. At the same time I also like getting into my old cars and doing the tasks that it takes to keep them from sputtering to a halt on the side of the road… which many of them have still done over the years. That’s my fault for having owned so many notoriously unreliable British cars, but I’m okay with that. What about you, do you prefer to get your hands dirty and are self-satisfied with the knowledge that YOU keep the car running like a top? Or, are you way beyond that and want to avail yourself of whatever maintenance and management systems modern technology affords so you can use your time for doing more important things like driving and krumping competitions? When it comes to keeping you cars on the road, do you go old school, or do you prefer new rule? Image source: Auto Trader

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