Video: Tanner Foust Tests His New Volkswagen Bug

19eumlnq0zpqxjpg Volkswagen has been promoting the coming of the New-New Beetle to Global RallyCross racing in conjunction with Andretti Autosport since last February, but until today, they didn’t have a running-driving race car ready for competition, and were using the old VW Polo chassis. They don’t even SELL the Polo here, so it makes sense that they’re dumping that race car in favor of the punch buggy.  Click past the jump to see the wild video.   The car they showed off in February ran and drove, but it was far from the race car that was needed to compete. With the announcement looming and nothing fancy and flashy to show at the car’s unveiling, Volkswagen actually dressed up a SEMA show car, the VW Vortex Project Super Beetle, a 400 horsepower all-wheel-drive new-new Beetle, to look like a GRC race car. Sure, it worked as a stand-in, but the real race fans among us were keeping an eye out for the real thing to show up. “Super Beetle” was cool and all, but a GRC car is completely otherworldly. vwvortex-superbeetle-hre2-960x571   Well, here it is, the real deal. Now Tanner’s Beetle has the race-car guts to match its race-car good looks. Whatever you do, just don’t call it “Herbie”! [youtube][/youtube] [Lead image provided by Andretti Autosport, Super Beetle image provided by VW Vortex, Video provided by VW USA.]

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