Hooniverse Asks- What's the Best Noise to Mandate Electric Cars Make?

2011-nissan-leaf We have previously discussed whether or not electric cars should be required to make some sort of artificial noise so as to alert pedestrians who might perhaps be vision impaired or monumentally oblivious to their surroundings. Since then however, a number of regulations mandating such requirements have been put in place pretty much without regard to our input. That’s just the way things work these days. Since electric cars will now be required in many places to make some sort of noise when plying roads where pedestrians might lurk, I think it’s a good opportunity to suggest just what that noise ought to be. Now the options are only limited by local municipal indecency laws so really the world is your oyster when you’re driving your electric car and want the world to know that, here you come! The internal combustion engine can make some wonderful noises, from the melodious strum of a British motorcycle twin, to the guttural bellow of a Mustang or other large-engine’d car leaving a light in anger. It seems duplicitous to mimic  any of those sounds artificially, after all that kind of beautiful noise has to be earned. If not a faux engine, what sound do you think should be the de facto electric car traffic announcement? Image: The Car Connection

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