Hooniverse Asks- What's the Best Car Face?

I'm super! Thanks for asking!

Yesterday, Ford lifted the embargo on information about the 2011 Shelby GT500. You can read the details on what’s different in the ’11 car here. One change that’s obvious, and can be seen in the beauty shot above, is the narrowing of the speed stripes that run the length of the Mustang. While the previously wider stripes gave the car a purposeful, athletic appearance, I think these narrow stripes make it look like Bucky the Beaver. And that leads to the question of -now that Ford has injected some silliness into the nose of the GT500 – which car has the best face?

Headlights equating eyes, the grille, a mouth, and perhaps a hood bulge mimicking a noble proboscis- most cars have a particular mien. Some look angry, some look a little shocked, but our penchant for anthropomorphizing our rides allows us to project upon them some form of expression and hence, personality. So, which car has the best face, and is it because it looks evil, or because it looks like it wants to enjoy the drive as much as you do? Image sources: [Jalopnik, Houstoncars]

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