Hooniverse Asks- What's On Your Automotive Bucket List?

None of us will ever be as cool as Jack. Hell, few of us are as icy smooth as Mr. Freeman there. But just like the two septuagenarian actors, one day we’ll all meet our maker. Before that happens, there’s a list – as used for the central plot device in The Bucket List – of the things one wants to accomplish before that day arrives. Since you’re reading Hooniverse, there’s a strong likelihood that your Bucket List has a number of automotive-related experiences on it.

Death and taxes are the two traditionally immutable events we all face, and today being April 15th, will go with the less painful of the two, death. The average life span these days is somewhere in the neighborhood of 75 years. That’s a goodly amount of time to get the things done that need to get done, but as there are so many mundane tasks that take up our lives – work, raising kids, trying to decide what to TiVo – that there’s little time left over for the things we want to accomplish for purely personal achievement.

That’s why it’s important to have a list. Having a document that delineates the most important, and personally fulfilling goals will strip the chaff from the wheat, giving you a better opportunity to undertake the important stuff.

As example, for me (considering only the car stuff) there’s the want of driving a Ferrari Lusso – preferably up Highway 1 through Big Sur, with a stop at Nepenthe. Sure newer Ferraris are faster and more adept at everything, but, despite Pininfarina’s best efforts, nothing else possesses such raw sex energy as the Lusso. I’d also like to watch, just once, the Monaco Grand Prix from one of those balconies facing the course. If possible, there should be a pouting French woman in a slinky nightgown watching from an adjacent balcony, for during cautions.

That’s just a couple of achievements from my list. How about you, do you have a list of lifetime goals? Are you currently crossing them off until you get to retirement age when you’ll have nothing left to do, or are they more extravagant, requiring means for which you are currently unable to provide?

Regardless of which, what’s on your bucket list?

Image sources: [moviewallpaper.net,durbinmedia.com]

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