Hooniverse Asks- What Should the Next Camaro be Like?


You know, unlike the Mustang, which has been showing up for work every day since sixty-four and half, Chevy’s competing pony has had at least one significant insistence of Camarois Interruptus. In fact for a while there it didn’t seem like the Camaro was ever going to grace dealer lots again.

Still it did, and in doing so it channelled the spirit, if not the literal shape of its first-generation progenitor. That retro-maro has since been on the market, and vying with Ford’s Mustang for pony car sales crown, for five years now. This year saw that car’s mid-cycle refresh which switched out the cool cut-down four-lamp rear lights with generic bricks and the half-circle headlamps with again, something less unique. Yeah, it wasn’t the best fluffing of a half-age model, but it didn’t wreck the car, IMHO.

We now want your opinion on what the next major redesign of the Camaro should entail so that it too doesn’t destroy the marque. If this era’s Camaro channels the heart and soul of the first generation, or ’60s car, should the next emulate the styling of the ’70’s  edition? What do you think, what should the next Camaro be like?

Image source: fanpop

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