Weekend Edition Quick Hit – What would you do with an $800 1981 Chrysler LeBaron that's this clean?

Fullscreen capture 532014 31843 PM.bmp How about another Weekend Quick Hit, only this time, I’m not going to make fun of the car, nor am I going to try and convince you that it would make the perfect “24-Hours of LeMons” Race Car. No, I’m just going to describe it to the best of my abilities, and you’re going to try and come up with what you would do with the car if you were so inclined to purchase it… Fullscreen capture 532014 31847 PM.bmp This is a 1981 Chrysler LeBaron Sedan, which was the last year for this style LeBaron before it transformed into the Chrysler New Yorker Fifth Avenue Luxury Car for 1982. This was an direct descendant of the Dodge Aspen / Plymouth Volare sedans with a little more upscale trim applied, and by this time, the rust issues and lousy hardware were a thing of the past. This particular car has the tried and true 225 CID Slant Six, and the Torqueflite Automatic, so those two items are rock solid. Fullscreen capture 532014 31855 PM.bmp The interior is nothing fancy either, with front a rear three passenger seats in vinyl that hasn’t split… in fact, it still looks factory fresh! Does it come with A/C? Not a clue… Cruise Control? Nothing stated… Does everything work? Let’s just see what the ad says:

1981 Chrysler LeBaron 4 door 6 cylinder automatic transmission Odometer reads 21550 Interior is in great condition, very clean Exterior in good condition Tires have full tread, they are just old Car runs but is not smogged. Has out of state plates so no back registration fees are due. Lien Sale Vehicle, sold as-is ASKING $800

It looks like it still has at least two of the four Wheelcovers, and the overall condition seems to be pretty good, especially at the asking price. So, readers of the Hooniverse… what should the next buyer of this magnificent LeBaron do with this car? See the listing here. Fullscreen capture 532014 31858 PM.bmp

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