Hooniverse Asks- Do Recalls Diminish Your Opinion of a Brand’s Quality?

seatback_recall_notice You know that phrase the Greeks coined, Caveat Emptor, or let the buyer beware? Back then if you bought something and it proved dangerous or failed to fulfill its intended purpose it was your fault as buyer for not seeing its flaws before laying down your hard-earned Dekadrachm. Yeah, that’s one reason why the Greek Empire went the way of Elvis. Today most nations – well, at least the first world industrial ones – establish requirements for doing business, including ensuring even after purchase that products will be free of manufacturing defects that may cause harm or – in extreme situations – death. Product recalls are evidence of this, and it seems as though of late we’ve seen a profusion of recalls when it comes to cars and trucks. The necessity of a product recall can be taken a couple of ways. Either it’s evidence of poor engineering and quality control, or it’s evidence of an unpredictable outcome that an engaged company seeks to redress due to their dedication to both their reputation and their customers’ satisfaction and health. It’s kind of up to you to decide which. Today I want you to share your opinion on where your particular view resides. What do you think, do recalls diminish your opinion of a brand’s quality, or do they reinforce it? Image source: challengerregistry

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