Car Shows- All The Coolest Stuff From Last Sunday's Queen's English Show

DSCN4457 British built is better built! That was the prevailing theme at last Sunday’s Queen’s English Car Show and Auto Jumble held at Van Nuys’ bucolic Woodley Park. I ascribe to that mantra, having owned more British cars over the course of my adult life than those of any other nation, but that didn’t mean that I didn’t drag out my Lucas, Prince of Darkness tee-shirt in honor of the event. More than 200 cars attended the annual celebration of all-things British, including a couple that had to argue their inclusion. I spent a good bit of the morning there with the Southern California chapter of the Jaguar Club, and I thought you might like to share the experience vicariously through some of the choicest shots I managed to take. You obviously recognized the car in the lede as being a hairy-chested Triumph TR250, but did you notice the screaming yellow zonker that was following it? Yep, that’s a McLaren P1, and this one just so happens to be owned by a Mr. Jay Leno who was kind enough to bring it to the show. DSCN4455 Jay managed to stick around for an hour or more, a lot longer than his normal stamina for glommers-on and freaky fans. And yes, he was wearing jeans and a blue denim shirt, need you ask? DSCN4459DSCN4489 The P1 is just as stunning in the carbon fiber as it is in the pictures and it was a pleasure to have Jay grace the show with his. Still, there was plenty more on display that were almost as lust-worthy, cars such as… DSCN4502 This natty Ford Cortina Estate.  Rocking a later cross-flow Kent and a set of dark silver alloys, this car brings tears to my eyes every time I see it and think of the Pinto wagon that we got instead of the later Cortinas. I’ve always had a soft spot in my head for these English Fords, as I just find them so gosh-darn cute. DSCN4470 See what I mean? How awesome is this face? DSCN4498 The show also hosted a Capri – and not the one you’re thinking of right now. Do you see Galaxie in that profile? I know I do. Of course if you like English Fords, but want to get even more old school then how about a… DSCN4472 Ford Pilot woody! DSCN4471 This 1952 Pilot sports not just termite lunch for its bodywork, but a flathead V8 as well.Plus, so many mirrors! DSCN4462 Should that not be old enough for you, how about this 1910 Daimler-Knight limousine, once owned by His Royal Majesty, King George the V? It’s presently owned by the Peterson Museum and is claimed on its placard to get 8-miles to the gallon. DSCN4460 DSCN4461 If perhaps you like to feel old while actually driving something new, then maybe you’d like all the Morgan Trikes that were present at the show. DSCN4503 Equally wind-in-your-hair-able but up one wheel on the Mogs was this fun in the sun Mini Moke. I’ve always loved these, but I will attest that driving one is kind of scary, especially on the freeway. DSCN4480 An interloper amidst the minis, an Autobianchi A112 owner talked his way into the show, perhaps by convincing the organizers that it was really an Innocenti. DSCN4486 Another non-Brit that made the show was a Pinzgauer triple axle, here being ‘policed’ by a London Bobby and his faithful hounds. DSCN4491DSCN4494There were also a multitude of MGs and a totality of Triumphs, along with Jags, Tigers and a number of other hep cats as you might expect. I figure that you’ve likely seen enough of those, and so I thought these shots of the more weird entrants would more likely float your boat. I will leave you with one shot of some of the more mundane of the cars that attended the show, just try and keep some enthusiasm for them, even though they’re not all that ‘out there’ okay? DSCN4475   All images: ©2014 Hooniverse/Robert Emslie, All Rights Reserved      

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