Here's how you rejoin a roof to the top of an old Porsche 911

Larry Kosilla has an excellent project car. It’s his Porsche 964-generation 911, and it sees both daily driver and track usage quite often. He’s put a lot of heart and soul into this car, and it serves as a great tool to show what’s possible for his own company. That company would be Ammo cleaning products, of course, which you’ll find Larry using in his incredibly detailed detailing videos on his YouTube channel.
Currently being shown on his channel, however, is a multi-part series that shows the steps Kosilla has undergone to transform his Porsche a bit further. In this second episode, the roof of his coupe has been lopped off. This is in an effort to find and replace all of the metal work that was original to the car, as this restoration process has unearthed a bit of rust in spots.
Since they’re chopping off the roof, Larry is putting a fresh one in its place that removes the sunroof. The process is very involved to adhere a fresh roof to the top of his coupe, and its one that you’ll likely find rather interesting. We’re talking spot welds, adhesives, and an old metal worker that probably knows more about bonding than Larry in his former life as a Wall Street finance guy.

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2 responses to “Here's how you rejoin a roof to the top of an old Porsche 911”

  1. wunno sev Avatar
    wunno sev

    on the one hand, that’s really cool and i’m glad i got to see it! i’ve replaced rocker panels, but never anything as involved as a roof. neat.
    on the other hand: the only reason this is happening at all is because of how furiously overvalued aircooled 911s are now, and i would rather someday be able to own one than be able to see this video.
    hm. well i probably wouldn’t have bought one anyway, so i’ll keep my eye on this project.

    1. Rover 1 Avatar
      Rover 1

      I wonder how much he wants for the old ‘roof with sunroof preinstalled?’