Free Shop Supply Samples For The Win!


As every crack dealer and supermarket aisle chef knows, giving away free samples is a great way to introduce your product to customers who wouldn’t otherwise know of or try your product. The tactic works, however, only if your product is really good (or tragically addictive, but that’s another discussion). Two additions to my garage that I discovered through the-first-hit-is-free tactics that I am now überloyal to are Fluid Film and Worx hand cleaner.

The maker of Fluid Film wisely offered Free Fluid Film Samples for the first 100 responders on the PWCToday watercraft forum. Fluid Film is somewhere between WD-40 without the solvents and Three-in-One Oil on steroids. It’s a lubricant/corrosion preventative spray that really is better. In fact, it’s head-and-shoulders above any other I’ve used. And I would’ve put it in the gimmicky snake oil category if I had not tried it myself. Smart move, guys. []

I first found sample packs of Worx hand cleaner at the checkout counter of a local motorcycle accessory store. After using the stuff a few times, I was impressed enough to drive back over to get more…only to find that the store had gone out of business. I put it on my Christmas list, and my wife had to order it from Canada (Worx being an Albertastani product). Since then, Granger and Wal-Mart have begun carrying it. I won’t use anything else. Just wet your hands and dump a small amount of the spongy green powder into your palm, then work it in. Worx works — better than any other hand cleaner I’ve tried. []

So there you have it; two products that earn the coveted Tanshanomi seal of approval. What shop supplies, tools or automotive accessories have you discovered by receiving a free sample? And did it win you over, or turn you off?

NOTE: Nobody paid anybody at Hooniverse anything to feature or endorse these two products. In fact, the makers have no idea that we’re featuring them on Hooniverse, and might not be all that happy about it when they find out.

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