Diving into truck storage with DECKED

DECKED storage

The bed of a pickup is a holy area for folks that worship at the altar of truck. It’s a functional zone that requires the ability to adapt to the job at hand. There are a few options to expand on that functionality, but none that seem to be able to quickly switch from work to play.

Enter the team from DECKED, and their new made-in-American storage solution.


The top has a load rating of 2,000 pounds, and each pullout drawer can be filled with whatever you’ve got. Once loaded, the drawers roll out with extreme ease as the sliding motion is ultra smooth. The core of the DECKED solution is a central I-Beam, which works with steel tubes to keep the entire unit in check. All of the black hard plastic you see is from recycled material, and it’s all made in Northwest Ohio.




According to the DECKED team, the unit can take around two hours to install but they can knock it out in under an hour. The important part, however, is that no drilling is required. This system is connected to the existing tie-down locations of the bed of the truck. A patent-pending system allows the unit to fit all of the truck bed varieties. Additionally, the entire system can be removed from the bed in just 15 minutes.








The DECKED storage system runs $975. It’s more expensive than most (but not all) standard tool-box bed inserts, but extremely well priced for the usefulness of what it offers. Locking boxes are $30 extra, and I was initially surprised this wasn’t included in the price. I pressed the DECKED team about why this costs extra, and they said that truck folks are split down the middle as to the need for a lock on this system. Fifty percent want the lock for the boxes, while the other fifty percent see it as a waste of money and would prefer to simply use the lock on the tailgate.


My favorite application for the DECKED storage system is not for tools or gear, though, as the system can also be fitted with a drainplug in the drawers. That’s right, this can also be used for tailgating or camping. Fill up the drawers with ice, add in your favorite beverages, and blammo – instant party. Additionally, the plastic inserts that give you access to the tie-down locations can be flipped over and serve as cup holders.


Now, to be totally clear, I’m not a truck person per se. I do miss my Ford Ranger, and the best burnouts I’ve ever pulled came while seated in a Toyota Tundra. Still, this seems like an elegant solution for those looking to increase the usefulness of their pickup beds. The deck area can still be used for hauling heavy items, the drawers offer solid storage solutions, and it retails for less than a grand. Any truck drivers please sound off in the comments with your opinions because we’d love to hear from you.


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