A true Benz beauty pops up on Bring-A-Trailer

Now that’s a properly wonderful color combination. Dark green on the outside paired with deep tan on the inside. It’s downright delicious, and this 1969 Mercedes-Benz 280SEL wears it oh so well. The car has just been listed for sale on Bring-A-Trailer, and it should fetch a nice chunk of change for the seller.
This M130-packing green machine lived with the same family for decades. Purchased new back in 1969, it was sold to a family friend in 2014. Now four years later it’s ready for sale. And it hasn’t traveled far to get here, considering the odometer shows just 38,114 miles.
The paint looks fantastic. The interior is equally appealing, and the engine bay is pristine.
How much will this one fetch? Don’t be shocked to see bidding top $30k when it’s all over.

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13 responses to “A true Benz beauty pops up on Bring-A-Trailer”

  1. Zentropy Avatar

    Ha! I saw that post earlier today (I check BaT regularly) and wondered if it would catch your eye. It’s a sweet example that should bring big $$$.

  2. Sjalabais Avatar

    Best colour combo ever. I can’t recall having seen anything in dark green over tan that wasn’t beautiful.

    1. tonyola Avatar

      Mercedes had a way of making colors like green or brown look good. How well would this shade of green look on a Chevy Impala?

        1. Jeff Glucker Avatar
          Jeff Glucker


        2. Alff Avatar

          Love this photo. I think I used the same one on a Hooniverse Asks about favorite color combinations. I don’t normally like this style/year of Impala (my Dad had one when I was wee, it was lame compared to Mom’s Camaro RS/SS) but this color makes it.

        3. dukeisduke Avatar

          Wow, and that’s not even anything special – a 307, probably backed by a Powerglide. But it does have the optional running lights on the corners (part of the Auxiliary Lighting Group). I’d like to see the build sheet for that car. I’m not sure what that green is, but it’s not an original color. It looks amazing, though.

      1. Jeff Glucker Avatar
        1. Sjalabais Avatar

          Ok, this is now all about colour, but is this your loaner? Makes me wonder if we’re in some sort of Matrix after all, as ~this colour was in another BaT auction that has, if not dethroned, at least shocked my favourite colour combo:

          Sir David Brown’s Touring-Bodied Prototype: 1961 Lagonda Rapide

          1. Jeff Glucker Avatar
            Jeff Glucker

            Yeah, I just spent a week with it.

      2. Zentropy Avatar

        The ’66 Mercury Comet Caliente that I drove in high school is a dark green called “Olive Mist” (equivalent of Ford Ivy Green), so I have a soft spot for green cars.

  3. SlowJoeCrow Avatar

    Holy flashback Batman, that car is the same color and same style of lights as the 1966 250S we had when I was a kid (68-73). Our memories of that car are are mixed, On the one hand it was a great long distance cruiser, on the other hand only 3 of the 4 power windows worked at any one time and it threw a rod on the expressway which led to it being replaced by a Volvo.
    The W108 is still my favorite MB sedan, since it has the purest Paul Bracq styling and is lighter and more elegant looking than the 70s W123 etc. I also like the look of the US spec stacked round lights the big single units look blank faced to me.