24 Hours of Lemons – This post is my penalty for passing under yellow

IMG_5851 Hi, Kamil here, also known as a “miscreant driver” to the LeMons judges – almost first name basis now, sort of. Live-ish blog here from beautiful middle-of-nowhere New Jersey. We are doing great! Early morning’s fuel injector swap made the Buick as perfect as a fourteen year old Buick can be. We are (well, were) running around the 50th spot overall, teens in our class. But the real reason why I am writing this… I am writing this as a penalty for passing under yellow. Passing under yellow is a horrible offense and can get people hurt, so please don’t do it. Unfortunately this isn’t our first trip to the penalty slammer, but the first two times we were told that we didn’t anything amazingly horrible. This time, despite the very minor protesting from me, the Honorable Judge Martin told me to “write a blog post”, a penalty patented by our main man in charge, Tim. Of course the Honorable Judge Murilee Martin was right in saying that passed under yellow, which I of course did. IMG_5850 As it is commonly known, all automotive journalists are the worst drivers in the world. No exceptions, even the part-time bloggers suck. That is an indisputable fact. Obviously when in comes to racing, we do not belong here at all. I promise that from now on I will watch for all flags and obey all signals, and not drive by my stereotype. IMG_0334

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