Wagon Wednesday – Zombie Ford Falcon Surf Wagon

6588_720 When I first saw this zombie-fied surf wagon at a quick glance, I thought it was a Corvair. I made a quick turn around and pulled into the empty lot next to the car wash and found in front of me a first generation Ford Falcon station wagon and this particular one looks to be waiting to be saved. It was spotted recently on the side of A1A in St Augustine Beach, Florida. 6589_720 6577_720 There was plenty of rust present, even in the interior, but the Falcon wagon also appeared to have complete and intact lenses and interior, despite the car itself not having been road registered since 2009. 6615_720 Strangely enough, it just sits out in an open field with the windows down but doesn’t appear to have been raided by parts scavengers. 6634_720 6636_720 You can tell by the little details like the conch shell on the dashboard and the various stickers on the back (including a Coop girl, don’t Google it at work…) that somebody loved this car in its lifetime. With any hope, someone still does. Hoon on, zombie surf wagon! Full Flickr slideshow available here. Photos Copyright 2014 Hooniverse/Bryce Womeldurf  

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