24 Hours of LeMons Races to be Live-Streamed on RaceCast!

racecast screen shot
Starting with Sears Pointless on March 21-22nd, you’ll be able to follow race timing and a number of live feeds for 24 Hours of LeMons races, courtesy of RaceCast from RacerConnect. There’s no on-site production video crew (this is LeMons, after all); the feeds are going to come courtesy of a few volunteers’ smartphones.
Keeping up with a LeMons race from off-site can be tricky. This past weekend’s Texas race ended up canceled due to Hoth-like conditions, but I only know that from a few random individual’s Facebook accounts. Given the sheer numbers of cars, teams and paddocks at a LeMons race, this could make for awesome coverage of the thousands of little stories that come out of every weekend.
Check out the demo page here to follow along with footage from January’s Sears race, including a bit of Penalty Box action involving Cookie Monster.

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  1. JayP Avatar

    One of my HPDE pals had the Blue Goose quattro at EC. Did they just hand him the trophy?