Some hot hot heat on McLaren's Facebook page

McLaren are teasing a new variant of the 570. This one should be a 600-horsepower 570LT, and McLaren are teasing the fact that the exhaust has been rerouted. But it’s the first comment on the FB teaser that has us howling like the reworked exhaust tips.
That’s some Grade-A eBurning going on right there.

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4 responses to “Some hot hot heat on McLaren's Facebook page”

  1. Smaglik Avatar

    As an engineer, I can appreciate the awesomeness of these machines. As an enthusiast, it gets a big ‘meh’ as it’s so far removed from anything I’d ever like to own, even if I did win the lottery.

  2. Bob Kuykendall Avatar
    Bob Kuykendall

    You don’t think maybe they’re teasing that it’s electric and has no exhaust?
    Besides, of course, that they’ve forgotten how to make a winning F1 car…

  3. nanoop Avatar

    It’s not they have forgotten, it’s rather the others found out, too.

    1. outback_ute Avatar

      Plus they have now proved it wasn’t just a dodgy Honda engine holding them back