Hooniverse Asks- When it Comes to Oil, Do You go Synthetic or Organic?

lab-vs-organic When it comes to those we love, only the best will suffice, am I right? And when it comes to your car or truck, I’m guessing that you’ll do everything necessary to keep it in tip-top condition, including giving it VSOP-quality fluids. As far as engine lube is concerned, some people consider synthetic oil to be top ‘o the heap, while others think that traditional dead dinosaur is best, and don’t trust the greater mileage between changes touted by the syn-oil makers. What about you, are you a syn or an org? Do you go au naturale when it comes to motor oil, choosing the common paraffinic because what was good enough for your dad is good enough for you? Alternatively, do you pamper your car with synthetic oil? If you do, what is your standard mileage between changes? Image: Cornucopia

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