Hooniverse Asks- What Forbidden Fruit Do You Most Wish You Could Sample?


It’s a sad truth that many car makers don’t sell their entire product line in every country in which they ply their wares. That has meant situations like Lotus keeping the hottest editions of their Elise and Evora models from U.S. buyers, and whole lines of cars from certain makers left in their home market while eager buyers elsewhere are denied. 

Check out the Ford Everest concept above. It’s debuting at the Bejing Auto Show this week, along with a small Ford that resurrects the Escort nameplate. Both the 7-passenger Everest, and the cheap seats Escort are good looking cars, and both will most likely be constrained to the Chinese market. And those aren’t all! Did you know that in South Africa you could get the modern equivalent of the Eurovan Westfalia Synchro called the California Beach? Who wouldn’t want do drive a minivan called the California Beach?

There are so many cars and trucks out there that whose makers have decided that you should be denied. And they didn’t even ask you! Oh sure, they may be completely terrible, and wholly inappropriate for your particular market and use, but shouldn’t you be the one to decide that? Which car or truck do you see as the most desirable forbidden fruit?

Image source: Ford Media

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