Hooniverse Asks- Have you Ever Made a Car Trade Work?

Barter We use money – cash, lettuce, dough, greenbacks – as our generally accepted medium of exchange. That’s not to say however that we aways need an intermediary delineator of value as a means of settling an agreed upon exchange, there are other, tangible goods that are equally fungible. It’s those elements of barter that pique our interest today, specifically when it comes to car trades, how and what has worked out for you. Now, the barter system works as direct exchange, and without an intermediary fungible asset as a value hold. That has made it wildly unpopular with the likes of the banking industry and payday loan establishments as it denies these institutions their cut of the pie. You know what I say? Let them eat cake! You’ve no doubt seen a huge number of Craigslist ads offering for sale a car or truck with the choice of remittance allowing either cold hard cash, or the option of a trade for another real asset. What we want from you all today are stories about that latter option. Have you ever made a trade for a car or truck that worked out? Images: ChooseCageFree, BrandPower

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