Hooniverse Ask- What’s Been the Indy 500’s Best Pace Car?

2014CorvetteStingrayIndyPaceCar03 The Indy 500 is coming up this Sunday, the greatest spectacle in the sporting world, and while it ends with milk, it always begins with a car of the moment to set the pace. Pace cars are a staple of the racing world, but no race is more venerable, nor a bigger honor in which to be asked to participate, than the Brickyard 500. This year, the 500 mile race will be paced by the new C7 Corvette, which is arguably the car of the moment. In previous years there have been pacers that have been equally hyped, but few of those have had the ‘Vette’s staying power. In fact, while every year there has been a car that has set the pace at the annual oval event, many of those have ended up on history’s dust heap. We’re not interested in those however, today we want the best of the best. From the first race in 1911 – paced by a Stoddard-Dayton – to this Sunday’s event, which have been, in your opinion, the greatest of Indy pacers? Image source: corvetteblog

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