Hatchback Utility, V8 Power, Horrible Build Quality: V8 Chevy Monza

1975 Chevy Monza V8 For Sale1975 Chevy Monza V8 For Sale Due to when I was born, when I think of crappy GM products, I think early 90s Cavaliers or Luminas; mostly vehicles that were crappy due to boringness or what they could’ve and should’ve been. By the time I was on the road, there were few truly defective cars to be had. I’m told GM’s H-platform was just such a thing. What’s the best solution to a poorly constructed vehicle? More Power! This ’75 Monza’s sporting a 350 with a 3 speed auto, decent paint and what looks to be a clean interior. It’s especially clean considering the cigarette-butts-and-burger-wrappers treatment bottom-rung compacts typically get. Believe it or not, the 350 was a factory option for those in high altitude or smog-restricted locations. In stock form, it was a wheezy 2-barrel making 125hp. Luckily, our specimen’s smog exempt, ready to drink heartily from the Jeg’s well and return to the streets with enough torque to twist the body so hard the windows pop out. It’s at $1500 with and unmet reserve. Auction ends tomorrow!

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