Blown 3800 powered Super Stalker is a Se7en that Spent too Much Time in the Weight Room

bruton super stalker se7en for sale Se7en/Caterham/Locosts occupy about 8% of my Future Car Purchase scheming time. Their adaptability and simplicity attracts me as much as the raw performance. So few things to worry about, so easy to access all the parts, so many options for the “Engine goes HERE” hole. Case in point: a blown 3.8l V6 from a Pontiac Grand Prix GXP motivates this one (to a claimed 3 second 0-60 time). Is it the most traditional/best/whatever powerplant? No, but the combination of an Eaton blower and that chassis would make me smile all the way to the emergency room. Brunton Super Stalker Se7en for sale – eBay Motors

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