Your new favorite snow mobile: The Snow Coach

In an earlier post asking about your favorite national parks, the wise P16199 shared a story about Yellowstone. The visuals and words were nice, but the best part of it all is easily the snow coach.
It’s one part full-size van and one part winter wonderland tank. Bolted to the chassis of the van you’ll find a large set of tank treads out back and a pair of steerable skis up front. This results in a vehicle that can transport large amounts of people right to Santa’s front door.
I never knew I needed to drive a snow coach. Now it’s all I think about. If any of you reading this own a snow coach or have driven one, let us know what it’s like. Should your answer be anything less than “wicked awesome”, I will choose to not believe you.

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6 responses to “Your new favorite snow mobile: The Snow Coach”

  1. Sjalabais Avatar

    That thing was actually on BaT not long ago:

    Ex-Yellowstone Tour Bus: Tracked 1993 Chevrolet Sport Van

    1. outback_ute Avatar

      Must… resist… BaT… rabbithole…

  2. RobbieVT Avatar

    Haven’t driven one. Have ridden in one with the family and it is wicked awesome. Our ride is a 1953 Bombardier, or “Bomber”, named Sally. At the time in 2016 I was told most tracked vehicles were being phased out for balloon tired vans. For obvious reasons I hope the Bombers continue to operate for another 65 years.

    1. P161911 Avatar

      I was disappointed that we didn’t get to ride in a Bomber. When I was there I think they were running at least glass packs if not straight pipes and sounded awesome. We did the official inside the park tour. I think only the outside operators still have Bombers.

      1. RobbieVT Avatar

        I believe you are correct about outside operators and I only know of the one guide that has them. The era of glass packs is over. The driver mentioned periodically updating engines to meet park emissions and noise standards. For instance if you score one of the limited private party snowmobile passes arriving with a 2-stroke is no good. Of course you can drive all around in a Dodge Demon in the summer, but I appreciate maintaining the perfect silence of winter for us and more so the animals.
        As far as the Bomber, other than the experience of being in something that old and unique, the best feature are the rooftop hatches. Climb up there and see bison, elk, coyotes, and a rare bobcat.