Your Chance to Own Ken Block's Gymkhana Car! Wait a minute…

Something seems a little off here. Hop the jump for the full Craigslist ad.

Ken Block’s Gymkhana Rally Car – $1250 (Manitowoc)

Wanting to trade for an extended cab 4×4 truck and some cash on my end. Also will sell for $1500 with wheels, $1250 with stock wheels/tires. Wheels are 17″ Motegi and have 235-45-17 BFG G-force on them right now. 160,000 miles, recently serviced, A/C, cruise, tilt, cd player, power windows, power locks, power seats. 8 passengers. Hidden trailer hitch, fold-up backwards facing seat, custom center console, cold air intake, corvette roll pan, hood pins, functional hood scoop, Rally lights/bar, locking billet gas cap, green underglow. Very dependable, and good on gas. Has been on 500 mile road trips with no issues. Gets around 24-28 mpg!

  • Location: Manitowoc
  • You know you would rock this thing around your local back roads… so here is the link to the ad: Someone in WI please buy this. [Thanks to LTDScott for the tip]

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