You Put A Chrysler V6 Into A Vanagon?!

The Volkswagen Vanagon. Besides being the second best known camper van behind the Volkswagen Bus, it happens to be a popular vehicle to do an engine transplant. The usual suspect for this transplant is a four-cylinder Subaru Boxer engine because of its similar size to the Vanagon’s four-cylinder. However, there are those people who want a challenge, a more powerful engine, or both.

Case in point, meet thummmper who is a member of the Grassroots Motorsports fourm. Thummmper owns a 1989 Volkswagen Vanagon GL and his choice for an engine transplant is a Chrysler 3.5L V6 from a 1994 Eagle Vision. Can anyone say 214 HP bread box?

The project thread, which began last February, shows progress has been going along at a steady rate. To have the 3.5L V6 fit into the Vanagon, the decision was made to put the engine underneath the third-row seats. That meant cutting out part of the floor and making some modifications to the rear suspension and structure to have it fit.

Other items that have been completed include a new braking system comprised of BMW and Jaguar parts, a custom gas tank, a new dashboard comprised of a mix of the Dodge Intrepid and Vanagon, and some other odds and ends.

At the time of this writing, thummmper is working on the wiring the electrics of the Chrysler and Volkswagen bits. Ouch. Good luck good sir, hopefully you’ll be able to drive all of the world with it like the famous Zyncro.

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