Why the New Chrysler Ads Suck; The Closing of BBDO Detroit in January.

Have you noticed that the Dodge, Ram, Jeep and Chrysler ads seem to suck? I mean the Jeep “I Live, I Ride, I Am” and the “My Name is Ram, and my Tank is Full” television spots are truly horrible. I guess this is inevitable since some of the most memorable advertising campaigns originated when BBDO and Chrysler started collaborating in 1944!

BBDO closed its Detroit office on January 26th of this year. BBDO Detroit didn’t sign a new contract with Chrysler, and although BBDO works with several other companies, the Detroit office deals exclusively with Chrysler. With no new contract in place, it was forced to close the location. Around 500 employees worked at BBDO’s Detroit office, with most of them laid off.

BBDO provides a number of services to Chrysler – such as dealer training, IT support and customer service management – but is best known for its marketing efforts. BBDO created a number of successful ad campaigns for Chrysler, including the company’s “That thing got a Hemi?” series.

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