What's Your Eleanor? – If You Have the Means Edition

The year was 1986 and a plucky young Matthew Broderick decided it was time for his high school student character to take a day off. Along with his girlfriend and depressing best bud, Ferris Bueller took the city of Chicago by storm. His chariot of choice that day? A gleaming red 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California. The motion picture stole the hearts of millions, but the real star of that film is and always will be that classic Italian super model. Yes…I know the car in the movie is not an actual Ferrari but a tarted up MG MGB. However, the styling is spot on and the visual cues are all that I needed at the early age I first spotted this vehicle. In real life, the short-wheelbase 250 GT California Spyder is a very rare car and incredibly valuable. As most of you know, the example pictured above recently sold for nearly eleven million dollars. eleven.million.dollars. I would imagine that even finding one in terrible shape would still have me staring at a car I may never be able to afford. This is a problem for me because this car represents the vehicle that forged my love of cars. I wanted to hop over the door with Sloane waiting in the passenger seat. Pressing my foot to the floor would produce an exquisite tone from the nearly 300 hp V12 engine. The wind would rip off my cap while Sloane and I leave that perverted principal in the dust, never looking back. The whole time I would have Beat City by the Flowerpot Men blaring on the radio. [just press play, there is no video – only audio] The Ferrari GT 250 California SWB was produced in very small numbers, around 55 or so total. I have only seen a replica in person and even that car was beautiful. I cannot afford a real one nor have I ever actually seen one in person – yet I want one…badly. The Ferrari 250 GT California is my Eleanor…and if you know anyone who has the keys to one, please let me drive it – relax man…I’m a professional.

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