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Hooniverse Asks: What’s your personal choice for the Hooniverse Car of the Decade?

We forced you to pick from a previously determined list. The official Hooniverse Car of the Decade would be selected from the past list of Car of the Year winners. Our hero here is SpeedyCop and his Spirit of LeMons… but maybe you have something else in mind. If you were running the show here, what vehicle would you choose as the HCOTD?

I don’t want this constrained to the list of past HCOTY winners either. I want you to share your choice regardless of what others think or have chosen in the past. This is your chance to tell us of a vehicle that you feel is a celebration of everything that makes this place what it is.

You could go with a newer car. If you picked the Challenger or Charger Hellcat, I’d nod along approvingly. We still prefer the older metal though, so maybe you’d want to pick a car like Tim Odell’s old now long-since-sold 1967 Ford Country Sedan. I could agree with you there as well.

There are lots of vehicles where a proper case could be made. And I want to hear about all of them. Let us hear your own personal choice for Hooniverse Car of the Decade. We shall salute them all…

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13 responses to “Hooniverse Asks: What’s your personal choice for the Hooniverse Car of the Decade?”

  1. Christopher Tracy Avatar
    Christopher Tracy

    Project Binky even though it isn’t finished yet. Toyota Celica GT4 power train into an Austin Mini.

    1. Rover 1 Avatar
      Rover 1

      And half of that is the ‘instructional’ videos accompanying the build.
      Brackets are important.

  2. William Byrd Avatar

    I’m a new car guy, and it’s hard not to pick the Hellcat/Demon/Redeye crew. Even cooler once you see what else it’s created with 707hp engines going in Grand Cherokees that you can buy off the showroom floor and crate engines expanding that even more. As a bit of a Mustang guy, I have to admit that those cars are pretty amazing. Hellcat all the things!

  3. SlowJoeCrow Avatar

    That Mercedes gasser would get the nod, as would Black Smoke Racing’s drift car and any number of Lemons contenders

  4. Deartháir Avatar

    Can I nominate my Corrado, just because I’ve been working on it for the whole fuckin’ decade?

    1. Number_Six Avatar

      It’s been such a nice object to smoke next to all these years 😀

  5. salguod Avatar

    If I’m picking from my cars over the last decade, I’d say the RSX Type S.

    Thinking broader in cars that I’ve been connected to, I’m tempted to say the FormaCars Cobra that we built for the London Cobra Show (which is for sale now, BTW but instead I’d say dad’s 1957 Eldorado Biarritz. Bought by my grandfather in 1959 and the car my mom and dad dated in, it’s been in the family for 61 years. After decades in storage, it’s finally back on the road this decade.

  6. kogashiwa Avatar

    I drove an RX-8 only once, but had the same impression. Fantastic chassis, and the engine revved to the moon and sounded great but just didn’t actually do much of anything.

    As someone who, long ago and far away on a different corner of the internet, went by the name “DJ Rotor”, it causes me nearly physical pain to say … but … RX-8s are so cheap now, especially ones with engine troubles (and that’s all of them, at some point), and they’re really easy to swap other engines into …

    My improvised-in-two minutes top-three RX-8 engine list:

    3. 2GR-FE
    2. Maserati V8
    1. Turbo Hayabusa

    1. kogashiwa Avatar

      They don’t even add much weight to the nose.

  7. kogashiwa Avatar

    For Car Of The Decade, I’ll say Civic Type-R, if only for proving that tuner culture isn’t dead yet – it’s just factory-built now.

    Also, triple-barrel exhausts.

    1. kogashiwa Avatar

      Mazda’s refusal to make a MazdaSpeed version of the new 3 hatchback is a fact that causes me near-daily annoyance.

  8. crank_case Avatar

    Probably this Mitsubishi Evo 1 RS. Bought, enjoyed, then restored/rebuilt properly so it can continue to be enjoyed for years to come – i.e. driven for fun and used at trackdays regularly. No crazy engine swaps, just a methodical sort the shell and get the fundamentals right, then add a few nice touches sort of a build. Very much what I’d aspire to do with my Cappuccino. Thread here:

  9. MikeSmith Avatar

    Its got to be the Tesla Model S of course. No fanboy of Elon Musk here, but give him this: He made the electric car DESIRABLE. He made the electric car FAST, and then FASTER still with software updates. He pointed the auto industry to the future when the supposed industry leaders were shaking their heads no.

    You know why those so-called-leaders shook their heads no? Its because they were happier taking extra profit on their luxury cars instead of taking the lead. Do you think Cadillac and Lincoln would have played the same way in the 1970s if they had seen what then upstart Benz and BMW were going to do? That was Tesla in the 2010’s.