What new cars do you want to see us review?

Here at Hooniverse we have a fondness for the old/classic/busted/unusual/LeMons/exotic/cheap/expensive vehicles of the world. The problem is that we also like new cars. These two worlds can co-exist (daily driver vs project car) peacefully, I promise. We have posted a few new car reviews but they have all been expensive, high-powered machines. Wait, what’s the problem here? Oh…none of us can afford those cars yet. So I ask you, loyal readers, what new vehicles do you want to see us review? I know we all have different tastes in cars here and I am curious what you want to read about. Personally, I really want to find out more about the Honda Crosstour (why are you laughing?) and the Ford F-150 Raptor (why are you crying?). Sound off in the comments and we will do what we can to accommodate your choices.

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