What is the Best Military Vehicle of All Time?

I am opening up this Memorial Day Edition of Hooniverse asks to all vehicles, be they on land, in the air, or out to sea. My vote is biased today…my father served in the Navy for 16 years. He spent time on five different ships during that time but one still stands out quite clearly in my head… The USS Long Beach. The USS Long Beach (CGN-9) was my fathers last ship before he retired from the Navy. The Long Beach was the first “new” ship built after World War II. It was the only ship in its class; the Nuclear-powered Guided Missile Cruiser. The ship blasted around the globe thanks to a pair of props, each powered by its own nuclear reactor. The Long Beach was 721 ft long and had a 30 ft draft, yet thanks to the Mr. Burns specials in the engine room it was capable 30 knots. USS LONG BEACH (CGN-9) 30 knots might not sound like much to some of you… but it is quite an experience when you feel it for yourself. I had the pleasure of joining my father on one of the dependants cruises. Basically, the ship is filled with crew and family members and we go for a long ride out to sea for a day. The highlight was standing on the outside of the bridge as a voice came on over the radio system. “Prepare for a high-speed banked turn” was hat I remember hearing. The Long Beach went up to speed and did just that. I was eight stories above the deck but as the ship began to lean I felt like I would soon be drinking salt water. I grabbed the nearest rail and clenched (my hands and something else) and waited out the turn. On deck, two naval gents were acting like this was another day at the office with their hands relaxed behind their backs. Family and friends around them were scrambling for something to hold on to. It was frighteningly awesome. The USS Long Beach was commissioned in 1961 and served 34 years before being decommissioned in 1995. It served proudly during that time, and the former crew members still keep in touch via Facebook of all places. One final story which I remember about CGN-9… she was docked in Hawaii with another ship, and both were getting ready to leave for San Diego. The other ship left a day before the Long beach…and the Long Beach arrived a day ahead of the other ship. If that isn’t Hooniverse-worthy, then I don’t what is… Happy Memorial Day! Share your favorite military vehicle in the comments. [For more information on the Long Beach, check out its Wikipedia page]

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