Welded Ladas means you can tandem drift whenever you want!

Drifting is hard. Tandem drifting is really hard. Unless, that is, you’re part of Garage 54 and have access to a pair of Ladas, welding equipment, and an empty snow course.

Now, this still isn’t simple. To try and coordinate throttle and brake inputs, the two drivers simply have their passenger and driver windows down so they can yell them to each other. One of the Ladas has a welded rear differential. One has good tires. The other is on some used-up rubber. Their first attempt at a flick-style drift puts the pair of Lada noses into a snow bank.

Eventually the duo string together some slides. There’s more snow-bank bashing, tandem ice drifts, and pure ridiculous fun. Garage 54 is doing all the stuff we wish we were doing right now. So you should click play, then head over to their channel and watch a bunch more videos.

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