Weekend Edition – So what happened with the Larry Brown Auction (that was held on April 25th)

Fullscreen capture 592014 94756 PM.bmp Welcome to the Weekend Edition on Hooniverse, and I thought I’d start out with the results from an auction that was held a couple of weeks ago. As I wrote here on Hooniverse during the first weekend of March this year, a man named Larry A. Brown, who lived in Centre Hall Pennsylvania, had an peculiar interest in collecting Ford cars and trucks, both interesting and mundane. So, what did thee vehicles sell for? You would be surprised… Fullscreen capture 592014 94838 PM.bmp The vehicle that received top billing by the auction company was a 1969 Shelby Mustang, finished in Black, with only 8,500 miles, and was hammered sold for $280,000. Fullscreen capture 592014 94706 PM.bmp The 1971 Ford Ranchero, also finished in Black, and with only 53,700 miles on the odometer, was hammered sold for $41,000. Fullscreen capture 592014 94711 PM.bmp My favorite vehicle within this auction was a customized 1974 Ford Econoline 100 van, complete with shag carpeting, and red flamed stripes on the black exterior paint. This was sold for $22,000. Fullscreen capture 592014 94715 PM.bmp The biggest surprise was this 1990 Ford Mustang LX, with a 5.0L V8, and once again, finished in black with only 29,000 miles on the clock. This car was sold for only $14,250. Fullscreen capture 592014 94719 PM.bmp The nearly new 2012 Ford Escape with only 90 miles under its tires, and painted black (like almost all the vehicles offered within this auction) sold for a very reasonable $23,000. Fullscreen capture 592014 94722 PM.bmp A 2009 Ford Ranger, with 41,500 miles on the clock, finished in (you guessed it) Black, was hammered sold for an even $20,000. Fullscreen capture 592014 94726 PM.bmp The cheapest vehicle of the auction was this rather ordinary 1997 Ford Explorer Sport two-door SUV, all Black, with only 38,700 miles, sold for only $9,000. Fullscreen capture 592014 94729 PM.bmp The last Ford sold isn’t Black at all, but a rather interesting Green color. This is a 1966 Ford F100 Style-Side, and it was hammered sold for $10,000. See the results here.

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