Weekend Edition Quick Hit – Three Non-Running (Ok, one is barely running) Crap Boxes…

Recently Updated66 OK, here’s the thing… there is this Facebook Page called Future $500 race cars! Even if the owner doesn’t know it yet, where they highlight absolutely decrepit machinery that could possibly be used for your next 24 Hours of LeMons entry. The problem is this: Are they even worth $500? You decide on these three, and let me know what you think… 1978 Ford Pinto - Google Chrome 5252014 101254 AM.bmp Let’s start with this 1978 Ford Pinto. You would be one of a few heros to get this pony into the next LeMons race, but wait just a minute, as you read the listing:

1978 Ford Pinto. All original, 60k miles. Unmolested. Bought this car to put in a 572 and since decided on different platform. Motor and train unbolted and out of car. Nothing cut. Even stock radio still in vehicle. Car ran and drove with AC before removing motor/train.

1978 Ford Pinto - Google Chrome 5252014 101238 AM.bmp The price is $800 without a motor… Are you kidding me? What do you think this thing is worth now? See the New Orleans Craigslist Listing Here. 95' Geo Metro - Google Chrome 5252014 101317 AM.bmp Our next car is actually running, but only on three of the four cylinders under the hood. It also comes with a built in theme, but sit back and read the listing:

95′ Geo Metro 1.3L 4cyl. The Geo runs and drives. -Tires are fairly new. -Has a glass pack muffler. -Needs new front brakes (Have new brake pads for the car, just need to be put on). -Alternator is only a couple months old. -Running on 3 out of the 4 cylinders, so it smokes a little oil and the gas that would go into dead cylinder out the exhaust (the fuel injector to the dead cylinder can be disconnected to save gas tho. -Still gets good MPG

95' Geo Metro - Google Chrome 5252014 101339 AM.bmp Asking Price for this beauty is $600 FIRM! Metros have been a popular ride in most of the 24-Hours-of-LeMons racing venues, but it is going to take some effort to get the fragile engine back into some form of competitive shape, so what do you think about this “Flashy” Metro? See the St. Louis listing here. MUD BUGGY mustang4x4 - Google Chrome 5252014 101418 AM.bmp Our last car can never hope to compete again in any 24-Hours-of-LeMons event because the body of a long lost Mercury LN7 (Not a Mustang as the ad states) sits atop a shortened Chevy Blazer chassis, but I will let the listing do the explaining:

Bought this mud truck for engine dont need the rest has 40″ ground hawgs chevy blazer frame shortened I think half ton axles 4 speed manual trans everything complete just drop motor in and go fuel cell battery and box still in starter and all wiring still hooked up motor mounts still in exhaust there radiator is there I have a 350 that could go with for right trade or cash price which is $1000.

MUD BUGGY mustang4x4 - Google Chrome 5252014 101434 AM.bmp Man, that was one long continuous sentence, but you get the picture. The seller wants $1,000, but it is not clear if this includes the spare 350 or not. I will tell you that if you want to go to the next LeMons event with this thing, it would make a great Judge Mobile, just don’t expect to compete. See the Eau Claire Wisconsin Listing Here

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