Weekend Edition Quick Hit – The 80's Called, and they want their Benz Back… (Shhhh, You can buy it…)

Mercedes Benz Other Over 100K Spent and Show Ready Must Be Seen  eBay - Google Chrome 282015 60045 AM.bmp
Something interesting happened this past week, and it was the fact that Radio Shack declared Bankruptcy… and then I remembered their Super Bowl Ad from 2014 and it actually makes sense. This was a store stuck in the past with too many locations, and nothing to actually draw new customers in. I bring this up because I spotted this Mercedes-Benz on eBay, and images used in that Radio Shack Ad seemed more appropriate than ever…

Mercedes Benz Other Over 100K Spent and Show Ready Must Be Seen  eBay - Google Chrome 282015 60059 AM.bmp
Just in case, here is that Radio Shack Ad, in all of it’s Glory. Bonus Points for identifying the soundtrack, and let’s see if you can remember all the characters…
Anyway, onto the Benz, and what can I say? According to the listing:

1986 Mercedes Benz Custom Prototype Convertible, Built at a cost of $100,000 Plus, V-8 Automatic Transmission, Power Windows, and Convertible Top,
Updated Aftermarket Stereo.
Mercedes Benz Other Over 100K Spent and Show Ready Must Be Seen  eBay - Google Chrome 282015 60117 AM.bmp-001
Mercedes with power convertible Roof that is in 100% mint original condition in everyway with just 101,949 miles. She has been garage kept and elderly owned it’s whole life. we have been told this was and proto type but I can’t be sure of that I will say fit finish is amazing it has and big block sound and even though pick show photo’s to be ok this car in outstanding paint body are show perfect paint slick id call it mint in everyway. This slk retains it’s original owners manual. Powered with the 8 cly and Automatic Transmission. Fully loaded with; Air Conditioning, AM/FM radio, Cruise Control, Intermittent Wipers, Power Door locks, Power Mirrors, Power Seat, Power Steering, Tilt Wheel, Power Windows. Just look at pictures below, they tell the whole story. Truly a must see and drive treasure.. In all the years dealing in benz converttiles this classic beautiful is the best ive ever seen or driven. all original spectacular paint finsh, With and pristine leather, newer tires chrome wheels.

Mercedes Benz Other Over 100K Spent and Show Ready Must Be Seen  eBay - Google Chrome 282015 60138 AM.bmp
Remember the high end German Cars of the 80’s? Monochromatic Paint (on the Grill, Bumpers, and almost every surface), Gaudy Chrome encrusted Rims, Outlandish garish interior treatments… this car has it all. It’s a Hot Mess, and a testament that bad taste ruled during the Decade of Excess. You know, there is one thing missing, and that is a Mobile Phone hanging from the center console, with a Curly Pig Tail Antennae on the trunk lid.
Mercedes Benz Other Over 100K Spent and Show Ready Must Be Seen  eBay - Google Chrome 282015 60212 AM.bmp
Anyway, this car is ready for a new owner, and the current bid is $8,860 that seems to have met its reserve (well, how about that!) I’m really not sure what to make of this car, except this: The 80’s called, so please take this Benz Back… [sc:ebay itemid=”231470716489″ linktext=”1986 Mercedes-Benz SEC Convertible ” ]
Mercedes Benz Other Over 100K Spent and Show Ready Must Be Seen  eBay - Google Chrome 282015 60224 AM.bmp

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  1. faberferrum Avatar

    Red air horns need to be painted yellow!

    1. Kamil_K Avatar

      That is what bothers you the most about this?

  2. Batshitbox Avatar

    I can smell the Armor-All from here.

  3. Eddystone Avatar

    Surely this was a much nicer car when it left the factory. All the ugly stuff is aftermarket bling crap that someone thought improved the car (wrong). I wouldn't hold the factory or even the decade responsible for this tarted up auto. I think the Bible told us that tasteless people with too much money will always be with us. (Oh, no, that was the poor who would always be with us…)

  4. smalleyxb122 Avatar

    Why bother with a rear window at all.

  5. stigshift Avatar

    I just called the '80s. They do not want this back.

    1. Batshitbox Avatar

      You still talk to the '80s? We had a bit of a falling out. Can you ask them a few questions for me?
      Where, precisely, is the beef?
      Who, in fact, shot J.R?
      Will the wolf survive? Well, will it?!?
      They keep telling me to find out next time, on Soap!; but I never do!

      1. stigshift Avatar

        The wolf survived. Maggie Simpson shot J.R. Ewing. As for the beef, Clara Peller took it's location with her to the grave.

  6. Eddystone Avatar

    Another take on the Mercedes-Benz 560SEC

  7. Van_Sarockin Avatar

    Obligatory PMY comment. Plus a bonus: Coke Is A Hell Of A Drug! comment
    Makes me embarrassed to have built that 450SLC model.

    1. Batshitbox Avatar

      Watch out what those hippies smoke,
      and don't you snort that yellow coke!

      **Sorry, Frank**

  8. Maymar Avatar

    If you own this, you'll at least never feel lonely, as I'm sure there'll always be a DEA van nearby. Go ahead, knock on the door, it's cool – you're just making the job of those surveilance guys easier anyhow. If you're nice, they might even share a burrito with you.
    Yes, I would love a 560SEC. Just… not this one.

  9. Vavon Avatar

    "Here at the Hooniverse we love the truly perverse when it comes to our Automotive tastes."
    <img src="http://cdn.meme.am/instances/500x/55688165.jpg"&gt;

  10. salguod Avatar

    First, that's Loverboy, Workin' for the Weekend.

    we have been told this was and proto type but I can’t be sure of that I will say fit finish is amazing it has and big block sound and even though pick show photo’s to be ok this car in outstanding paint body are show perfect paint slick id call it mint in everyway


    This slk retains it’s original owners manual.

    Original slk manual? All is forgiven, sign me up!

  11. Alff Avatar

    Saw the lede photo, was coming to say "I don't hate it." Read the post. Yeah, I hate it.
    Also, every city should have one Radio Shack. Said Radio Shack should consist of file cabinets of electronic components, no finished goods. When I need them, I'd rather drive across town than waiting for shipping.

    1. smalleyxb122 Avatar

      Radio Shack really shot themself in the foot by abandoning the DIY set and going after a piece of the tech gadget pie. There really should be a place to buy random resistors, and transistors, etc. Radio Shack should have remained that place. It might have been a niche market, but they had it cornered.

      1. Wildcat_445 Avatar

        I agree they lost their focus when they shoved DIY to the back of the store as an afterthought. Yet the electronics hobbyist market pretty much died out thanks to all the higher tech disposable stuff we have these days. (That and Heathkit, another part of my youth, up and evaporated as well.) Aside from RS, locally we had a lot of electronics stores. Today I can only think of two, and the closest does not stock all that much in comparison. I can buy online (Mouser, DigiKey, etc.), but need to order a couple dozen items to make the shipping fees worthwhile. The day RS started carrying non-RS/Tandy merchandise was probably the writing on the wall.

      2. hwyengr Avatar

        The Radio Shack in downtown Chicago still has a big parts business. I went in to pick up a soldering iron and a few relays a while back, and was chatting with the cashier about it. Apparently a lot of the electrical tradespeople working in and around all the buildings stop by to pick up bits and pieces that they unexpectedly need.
        I noticed this particular RS was not on the list of closing stores for this round…

  12. mac350 Avatar

    I'm speechless.

  13. Rover_1 Avatar

    I don't see a car phone.
    No sale to me.

  14. alain Avatar

    love those seats and door cards… mmm brown leather

    1. Wildcat_445 Avatar

      No good. It's not _Corinthian_ leather. Corinthians everywhere are not amused.

      1. monkey_tennis Avatar

        Au contraire: Corinthians everywhere are VERY releived! (It isn't pleasant being turned into leather…)

        1. Wildcat_445 Avatar

          Silly me. I was thinking of the great lost civilization of Corinthia, whose economy never recovered since the great falloff in Ricardo Montalban commercials…

  15. alain Avatar

    i'd drive it, would need to complete the miami vice look with pastel suits and sandals, and keep a few keys of coke in the trunk

    1. alain Avatar

      i'd have to keep the top down all the time or put a bigger rear window in, i bet even the rearview mirror can't see out of the back with the top up

    2. 7FIAT's Later Avatar
      7FIAT's Later

      I would drive it too, gotta keep my pimp hand strong.

      1. alain Avatar

        i think a matching yellow pimp suit, with a purple and polka dot shirt, and a yellow brimmed leopard print pimp hat would make the look for an 80s pimp/coke dealer

  16. racer139 Avatar

    Exactly who's prototype is this? My guess is the guy in the white suit with pastel tee and matching alligator boots.

    1. racer139 Avatar

      Also, as a Canadian Radio Shack was punted long ago and renamed the source it is (was??) A brand of circuit city. I guess it was that places way of getting into the Canadian market. I don't think it worked out well for them.

      1. Wildcat_445 Avatar

        Back in the 70s, it seemed that Radio Shack stores were always sharing space with another business up in Canada.

  17. C³-Cool Cadillac Cat Avatar
    C³-Cool Cadillac Cat

    The soundtrack's already been called, however:
    I see:
    Ponch from CHIPs
    Cliff Claven from Cheers
    Dee Snider, Twisted Sister lead singer
    Hulk Hogan
    Mary Lou Retton (please don't bring her back)
    Kid 'n Play
    The Kalifornia Raisins
    Dee, again
    Jason from Friday the 13th part 1…which was a rip-off of Leatherface in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    Cliff and Q-Bert
    Teen Wolf…but not the Michael Fox one
    …more repeats…
    Oh, and those are not just "rims" which are chrome-encrusted on that poor W126, those are the ENTIRE WHEEL!
    THIS is a wheel rim:
    <img src="http://www.hiwtc.com/photo/products/3/07/25/72580.jpg"&gt;
    Now get off my lawn before I go get my cane and shake it at you, y'damned kids.
    …and, yes, I knew all those 80's references off the top of my head. Sigh….