Weekend Edition Quick Hit – A Remarkably Intact 1980 Chevy LUV Truck on Craigslist…

1980 Chevy LUV - Collector's Item! - Google Chrome 7252014 85909 PM.bmp Welcome to another Hooniverse Weekend, and I thought I would start out with one on my Quick Hits, in which I find something interesting that is currently on Craigslist, and here is a fine example. This is a 1980 Chevy LUV Pickup that is not only running, but a lot of work has been done to the engine. So, do you think you have what it takes to finish this project? 1980 Chevy LUV - Collector's Item! - Google Chrome 7252014 85951 PM.bmp Our own Scott Ith has a slightly prettier version of this truck, but this truck is actually running. So, what would you take: A Pretty Nice Looking Non-Runner, or a Tatty Truck that runs? According to the detailed listing:

I’m sad to part with my darling pickup, but with a baby due in the fall, a more practical vehicle is going to be necessary. Runs great, will be missed. Recently Updated88 – New long block engine replaced in 2012, still has a year left on warranty through O’Reilly’s – new belts – new hoses – new water pump – new starter – new clutch kit including resurfaced flywheel – replaced u-joints – and all tune up parts Recently Updated89 Will pass smog test. I have receipts for all parts, which include limited lifetime warranties on the water pump, starter, and clutch kit. Has newer Kenwood CD player. Radio works well, good speakers. Under-the-hood work done for you! Just needs some aesthetic love. Current tags, just renewed through May 2015.

1980 Chevy LUV - Collector's Item! - Google Chrome 7252014 85946 PM.bmp The asking price for this vintage Japanese Chevy is $3,300, which I think is Crazy Money, but remember, this is California, so he may just get the asking price. So, the question is this… Should Scott just buy this truck, and swap the engine into his Mikado, or should you run right out and buy this for yourself? See the listing here, and I think I’ll just stand over ——————————————> here. 1980 Chevy LUV - Collector's Item! - Google Chrome 7252014 90105 PM.bmp

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