Weekend Edition Quick Hit – A 1992 Dodge Ram D-350 Diesel Cabriolet; Tell me this wouldn't make a great Racecar Hauler

Dodge Other Very RARE  eBay - Google Chrome 7262014 124405 PM.bmp So, in honor of Eric’s Weekend of covering the 24 Hours of LeMons’ Doing Time in Joliet crapcan race, I thought I would throw out a few vehicles that you can possibly use as either tow rigs, or living quarters if you ever want to get into the league of other disturbed individuals who frequent these venues. Everyone knows that after you spend your time and hard earned money on a $500 Racing Machine for either the 24-Hours-of-Lemons, or the other $500 racecar series that is ChumpCar, you need a tow rig to get your crapcan to the race (getting it back is a whole different matter). The LUV Pickup really wasn’t a tow rig, but this is; Introducing a low mileage Dodge Ram D-350 Cabriolet Conversion… Dodge Other Very RARE  eBay - Google Chrome 7262014 124305 PM.bmp I love finding old rigs like this, as I once owned an odd Conversion Van that I used to haul my own CrapCan Racecar, and this one is so much more… Just look at it. According to the eBay Listing:

YOU CANT EVEN FIND A PICTURE OF ANOTHER ONE ONE GOOGLE! I WISH I HAD SOME GOOD INFORMATION BUT THEY MADE SO FEW OF THESE YOU CANT EVEN FIND INFORMATION ANYWHERE ON THE INTERNET. PLEASE VIEW THE ADDITIONAL PICTURES BELOW THE DESCRIPTION. Dodge Other Very RARE  eBay - Google Chrome 7262014 124353 PM.bmp this looks like a centurion but say cabriolet built conversion truck that i was told they only made 50 of & i believe it because i havnt even been able to find any information or even a picture of one like it on the internet. this truck only has 90k miles. it starts right up immediately with a touch of the key. all the factory gauges work plus the tach, boost gauge & egt gauge. the a/c blows cold. the tires look like they could have been put on last week. the clutch is excellent, the transmission is tight and goes through the gears smoothly. i bought the truck for a trip im planning but my teenagers dont like it as much as i do so its back up for sale. i drove the truck on a 3 hour trip yesterday without any issues whatsoever.

Dodge Other Very RARE  eBay - Google Chrome 7262014 124411 PM.bmp Yes, the ad is spelling challenged, but so what? Let’s go over the positives… Cummins Turbo Diesel (Bullet Proof Engine if taken care of properly), 5-Speed Manual (No fancy Automatic for this truck!!!), Crew Cab Configuration (At least 5 full size adults can fit), Unique (as in you will never find another one like it!). Dodge Other Very RARE  eBay - Google Chrome 7262014 124519 PM.bmp Of course there is a bit of a challenge when buying this truck… It suffers from the early 90’s Chrysler Wash and Wear (off) paint system, and that can be a pain to fix. The interior looks OK, but all the wood will need to be refinished as some point, and maybe ditch the cloth for vinyl when the seats wear out. It is a bit on the long side, so beware when turning. And if you ever damage any of the fiberglass panels, you will never find any replacements. Dodge Other Very RARE  eBay - Google Chrome 7262014 124554 PM.bmp The current bid for this very unique and almost one of a kind truck is $2,600, with no reserve. There is six days to go until the auction ends, so what the hell are you waiting for? Go take a look at the listing (link at the end of this post) and tell me what you think of it. [sc:ebay itemid=”151364560418″ linktext=”1992 Dodge Ram D-350 Conversion ” ] Dodge Other Very RARE  eBay - Google Chrome 7262014 124426 PM.bmp Dodge Other Very RARE  eBay - Google Chrome 7262014 124632 PM.bmp

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