Weekend Edition Quick Hit – A 1984 Mazda RX-7 GSL-SE on eBay; Questions, So Many Questions…

Fullscreen capture 6282014 121458 PM.bmp Welcome to another Weekend Edition of Quick Hits here on the Hooniverse. When you think of the Mazda RX-7, especially the first generation, you think of a lithe, agile, well balanced sports car. It has a screaming Wankel powerplant, near 50/50 weight distribution, and it is a modern classic of design. This one has been tampered with, but is it enough to scare you off? Fullscreen capture 6282014 121503 PM.bmp I think I will let the listing speak for itself…

1984 MAZDA RX7-GSL-SE FIRST GENERATION Car has new starter, battery, alternator & compressor. Shocks were replaced & flushing of all oils were also done in 2013. Fullscreen capture 6282014 121539 PM.bmp I AM THE SECOND OWNER OF THIS BEAUTIFUL RARE RX7 W LAMBORGHINI DOORS 2GS ON THE DOORS. WELL KEPT BY BOTH OWNERS. IN THE FIVE YEARS I HAVE HAD IT ALL I HAVE DONE IS MAINTANCE. 5 SPEED. CHOCOLATE SHINNY BROWN. NO RUST UNDERNEATH THE CAR. ADULT OWNED, NO SMOKING, NO ANIMALS, NO CHILDREN. INSIDE, DOORS, DASH, CARPETS INMPECABLE. Fullscreen capture 6282014 121409 PM.bmp Additionally unique from the first generation of RX7’s the GSL- SE was only available for model years 84/85. POWERFUL fuel injector 13b 1.3L rotary engine. Everytime i open the lamborghini doors everyone tells me the car belongs in a SHOW ROOM…. And absolute joy to drive. She pulls hard shifts smoothly. Great sounding engine and exhaust. It has a pioneer radio /cd aux in the glove compartment original radio left in the car. Well cared as far as changing all oils a 400 dollar job. It has power windows..cruise control.. Sub and amp on the back. I left the original radio intact. Very cold a/c. Fullscreen capture 6282014 121512 PM.bmp Le Bra fronT cover. Vehichle is in excellent conditions and runs like and absolute dream. Shifts smoothly….Pulls Hard!!!! and looks great. Dependable and enjoyable. DONT LET THE ODOMETER FOOL U ITS IN GREAT SHAPE!!!! The location of the vehicle is in East Greenville PA, in case you can not come to pick it up you will be responsible for the shipping of the vehicle. The vehicle is in great condition but is being sold-as-is.

Fullscreen capture 6282014 121546 PM.bmp What’s with the seat covers (and are the seats under the covers Inmpecable(sp) as well)… The starting bid for this very brown RX-7 SE is $4,300, and no one has placed a bid on it as of yet… The Buy-It-Now price is $5,100 which is really a lot for a car with over 140,000 miles on it, and with some work to get it to stock condition… I mean really, Lambo Doors on a Mazda RX-7? See the listing for your self, and tell me what you think of this confusing two-seater. [sc:ebay itemid=”331242701045″ linktext=”1984 Mazda Rx-7 GSL-SE ” ] Recently Updated79

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