Weekend Edition Quick Hit – A 1983 Dodge 600 Sedan; When was the last time you saw one?

1983 Dodge 600 - 58,000 miles - Nice! - Google Chrome 9122014 80755 PM.bmp Welcome to another edition of the Weekend Edition of Quick Hit Postings. One of the reasons why I do these is the fact that they seem to create a lot of discussion throughout the weekend, and I seem to hit upon the right mix of desirable vehicles that are for sale, right along side a bunch of, well, crap… So what side of the ledger does this Dodge 600 fall? This is one of the early stretch “K” cars in a vain effort to offer different vehicles for the Chrysler and Dodge showrooms during this time period. So once again, is this car desirable or crap? 1983 Dodge 600 - 58,000 miles - Nice! - Google Chrome 9122014 80759 PM.bmp According to the Pittsburgh Craigslist Listing:

1983 Dodge 600 (K-Car) -Inspected through 5/2015 -runs and drives great -VERY clean body and interior -all original -only 58,000 miles -2.2 liter 4-cylinder (great gas mileage) -automatic transmission -eligible for antique plates 1983 Dodge 600 - 58,000 miles - Nice! - Google Chrome 9122014 80750 PM.bmp NEW PARTS: -new battery -new carburetor -new fuel filter and fuel lines -new air cleaner -new ignition coil -fresh oil change -fresh coolant / radiator flush -complete tune-up -newer brakes -newer exhaust and catalytic converter The car is presentable and reliable as it is. With some cosmetic improvements, it could be a show car. NEEDS: -fix dent in rear driver’s side door -some rust in lower rockers and floors needs attention -carpet / headliner replacement -the paint is shiny and presentable, but not perfect -air conditioning does not work -horn works intermittently -radio does not work

1983 Dodge 600 - 58,000 miles - Nice! - Google Chrome 9122014 80804 PM.bmp With under 60,000 miles, this car is offered at $2,495, which isn’t all that bad for what it is. The 2.2L engine should run forever, as long as you check the timing belt, and the three speed FWD Torqueflite should be reliable for the long haul. The belts are the key component that seem to fail a lot with these cars, but other than that, they are just like their ancestors with the slant 6. See the listing here, and tell me what you thin of this car.

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