Weekend Edition Quick Hit – A 1976 Chevrolet Monte Carlo with only 10,700 Miles on the clock!

Chevrolet Monte Carlo 2 Door Beautiful Clean Showroom Condition  eBay - Google Chrome 6142014 121157 PM.bmp Starting out this Father’s Day Weekend Edition, I thought I would highlight this 1976 Chevrolet Monte Carlo that was once owned by the Father of the current seller. This car is a true time capsule, covering only a little over 10,000 miles since it was purchased new. Looking at this particular Monte Carlo, there is really nothing that special about the car… It is finished in a Medium Brown with a Tan Vinyl Roof, Vinyl Interior, Electric Windows, Air Conditioning, AM/FM Radio, and Whitewall Tires… This is a car that you would find at your neighborhood Chevrolet Dealer in 1976… Nothing stands out as a Special Order… So, why is there so few miles on it, and why is it being sold now? Fullscreen capture 6142014 121229 PM.bmp I will let the listing speak for itself…

This beautiful vehicle has been garaged and covered all of its’ life! It has been taken care of and is in great condition. The vehicle was purchased new by my father in 1976. My dad parked the car in the garage and pulled it out on weekends to wash and drive around the block, then back into the garage it went. When he passed in 1986 I was willed the car. I vowed to take care of the car and then sell it when my children went to college. Well, my first born is starting college in August, 2014 and I need to sell. Recently Updated76 This car means the world to me and my family. I gaurantee you that you will not find another one like this anywhere! It is truely a one of a kind. This vehicle would make a great show car, project car, collector car. It runs like a champ and purrs like a kitty! I have posted plenty of pictures for you to check it out. 10,780 Original Miles! This car is beautiful!

Fullscreen capture 6142014 121253 PM.bmp Starting Bid for this Time Capsule is $10,000, and there is about a day or so left until the auction closes. The Buy-It-Now bid is $12,000, and I’m not sure what the actual value of this car really is… So, I’m asking the Hoons that frequent this site, what do you think it’s worth? Take a look at the listing, and leave a few opinions in the comment section. [sc:ebay itemid=”141313454514″ linktext=”1976 Chevrolet Monte Carlo ” ] Fullscreen capture 6142014 121314 PM.bmp

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