Weekend Edition Quick Hit – A 1968 Chevy Camaro Project with Turbo Diesel Power!

Fullscreen capture 4272014 124138 PM.bmp Well, it seems that we have a theme for this Sunday, and we have already witnessed a Customized Escort GT, a Trans Am in pieces, and a Wrecked 911 GT3. So it’s now time for our next contestant. Take a look at this 1968 Chevrolet Camaro that the owner says only needs finishing to be one bitchin’ ride. Only one thing puzzles me though… The choice of a peculiar powerplant for motivation… Fullscreen capture 4272014 124145 PM.bmp This Camaro Project comes from New Jersey, and after reading the eBay listing, I am still scratching my head, wondering how the current owner thought this was a good idea in the first place. According to the listing:

I have up for sale a 1968 Camaro that started from a shell to what it is now. Fullscreen capture 4272014 124151 PM.bmp The body is all in primer still needs some body work the car is solid including the all the floors (New) are rust free and the trunk floor(New) is rust free .. The complete under carriage(Floors, Trunk, Frame rail) was replaced and all the suspension parts have been rebuilt with new idler arm inner and outter tie rods and adjustment sleeves upper and lower ball joints upper and lower arm bushings sway bar bushing kit and rubber bumper stoppers. A complete new front disc brake kit was installed and rubber brake lines inner and outter wheel bearing seals. Fullscreen capture 4272014 124156 PM.bmp The rear leaf springs have all new bushings front and rear,, New subframe body bushings. New stainless steel fuel tank, new tires(Yokohoma Pro-Touring) new windsheild, new AMD quarter panels and new wheelhouses, new headlight housings and HID bulbs, I have most of the parts to complete – front and rear bumpers, door panels, glove box door, weatherstripping(new) that comes with the car and the hood is an original cowl hood. Front seats could use recover along with new headliner.. I have 2 boxes of misc. parts that come with the car to much to list.. Fullscreen capture 4272014 124205 PM.bmp The story behind the car it was going to be converted to a drag car and the deal went bad. The car was going to the scrap yard if I didn’t buy it. I have the vin tag and firewall tags and the car is believed to be an original SS. Fullscreen capture 4272014 124211 PM.bmp The only major issues with the car are spots on door lowers and needs outer rockers patched. Car drives down road straight as an arrow and have driven it for the past few months while restoring, turn signals and brake lights function and it has a 1.9 liter VW turbo diesel and gets estimated 40mpg and is very reliable. It has new injectors and has potential for 200+ horsepower with some chip tuning. The VW wiring was spliced into the factory Camaro wiring. Feel free to ask any questions I will answer whatever you need to know.

Fullscreen capture 4272014 124218 PM.bmp There are no bids as of yet with a little over 3 days to go. The starting bid is $22,400, which is really a lot of coin for this particular project. I’m still left wondering why this ever came to be in the first place, and it would be a wonderful experiment when completed, but not at its current price level. See the eBay listing here: [sc:ebay itemid=”271464668027″ linktext=”1968 Camaro Turbo Diesel Restoration ” ] Fullscreen capture 4272014 124224 PM.bmp (Hat Tip to Eric for spotting this particular listing)

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