Weekend Edition Quick Hit – A 1964 Studebaker Commander with a reported 8,800 miles on the Odometer!!!

Studebaker 8 800  eBay - Google Chrome 6132014 83815 PM.bmp Competition is what really killed off the Studebaker (Lark) Commander and Cruiser lines. This was suppose to be the bread and butter of the Studebaker Lineup, and while Brooks Stevens did a masterful job of updating the look of the volume Sedans and Wagons, the other domestic car makers were catching up rapidly with their compacts and mid-sizers. The Chevy II was only two-years old by this time, the Ford Falcon and Mercury Comet both received updated sheet metal, the Plymouth Valiant and Dodge Dart were wearing one year old bodies, and even the Rambler American was all new for 1964. There was also the onslaught of Mid-Sized cars from GM (Buick Special, Oldsmobile F-85, Pontiac Tempest, Chevy Chevelle), Ford (Fairlane, Meteor), and Rambler (Classic) so this left the faltering Studebaker no where to go unless it updated their volume sedan and wagon models. Unfortunately, they shut down their US facility in December of 1963, and folded altogether two years later. So, where did this wonderful Studebaker Commander come from, and is it Lustworthy? Studebaker 8 800  eBay - Google Chrome 6132014 83752 PM.bmp Let’s just let the eBay listing speak for itself, shall we?

You are looking at a 1964 Studebaker. This wonderful little car has been taken care of over the years and only has 8,800 original miles! The stock 6-cylinder 194 cu in 120 hp engine is hooked up to the stock manual 3-speed transmission and runs and drives very well! The original paint is still tight and the car has very few nicks, dents or scrapes. The interior in the classic is very good with all original parts and pieces. These cars are rising in value all the time and this one is no exception. The glass is in good shape as is the chrome and various pieces of trim. If you’re looking for an original low miles Stude, this car is the one for you! Studebaker 8 800  eBay - Google Chrome 6132014 83808 PM.bmp Note: This car has been owned by the current owner since 1976. At that time, the mileage was not much less than it is now. The car has always been garaged and started fairly often. At the time of purchase, the mileage was noted as not exact. One walk around this car and you’ll agree, this car is a survivor with more than 90% all original parts. The interior is stunning and all original. Call for more information. We believe the car to be a two owner. The car starts and drives, but the tires would have to be changed for any lengthy drive. Original spare. Studebaker 8 800  eBay - Google Chrome 6132014 83831 PM.bmp NOTE……..IT HAS BEEN POINTED OUT TO ME FROM SOME STUDE EXPERTS THAT THE ENGINE IN THE 1964 STUDEBAKER POSTED IS THE ORIGINAL 170 cid Studebaker engine and not the 194 CU IN one posted. Sorry for any confusion.

Studebaker 8 800  eBay - Google Chrome 6132014 83821 PM.bmp With a little over a Day and 1/2 to go until the auction ends, the top bid so far is $4,150, with NO RESERVE. This is a great looking Studebaker, with a minimum of options, that will be very easy to take care of for the forseeable future. There are plenty of Studebaker Clubs that can source parts, and this would be an inexpensive way of owning a rather unusual car. See the eBay liisting and tell me what you think of this car. [sc:ebay itemid=”151319518894″ linktext=”1964 Studebaker Commander – 4 Dr.” ] Studebaker 8 800  eBay - Google Chrome 6132014 83757 PM.bmp

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