Weekend Edition – Furys, Polaras, and Newports… Oh My; What about Newports?

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Yes, I’m trying to get more posts up, because our fans deserve some weekend content. Now onto those Newports. Did you know that Newport name was introduced in 1961 to designate the lowest series within the Chrysler lineup. Previous Newports designated plush special models during the 40s and early 50s,and moving such a nameplate downmarket is really nothing new. However the Newport was somewhat of a necessity, as Chrysler discontinued the DeSoto altogether in 1961, and was the sole full-sized car in the Chrysler Showrooms for 1962, and sold rather well. So let’s see what I dredged up with Newport as the search phrase.

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Let’s start out with a favorite of mine, a 1972 Chrysler Newport Coupe, finished in Red, with a white top and interior. Wow… it looks fantastic, and it shows 80,000 miles. Yes, it is a Fuselage era car, and according to the listing:

This is a classic example of early 70’s Mopar Muscle in a full sized luxury car. Red is always a favorite and with that white interior and top this car is a real eye catcher. Take the whole gang; you have lots of room in the trunk. Car shows, road rallies, ice cream stand, or a trip out old Route 66. The current owner has enjoyed driving her and was quick to point out how like original she is. (The Vin # is on both the engine and transmission) He has maintained the car as needed and changed the oil yearly. You will find a very detailed description of the entire car. The following is a list of equipment:
Steel Belted Tires
Rally Wheels
Vinyl Top
Rear Defogger
Front Disc Brakes

Fullscreen capture 1272013 20332 PM.bmp

And the listing goes on and on and on… Curious though, I don’t see Air Conditioning as an option… This is a sharp coupe, and the bidding is up to $4,150, with an unmet reserve. Tell me what you think it will take to get this car sold, and look here for the listing: [sc:ebay itemid=”300851053343″ linktext=”1972 Chrysler Newport Coupe” ]

Fullscreen capture 1272013 21013 PM.bmp

Here is a 1966 Newport Town Sedan. This was the more formal Chrysler, with a six window profile… So you have an upscale Chrysler Newport sporting dog-dish hubcaps. Anyway, this car is currently in the desert southwest, which means virtually no rust. But rhere are other problems, like a brittle steering wheel, rear upholstery that has also seen the ravages of the desert sun, and worst of all, no Factory Air Conditioning!

Fullscreen capture 1272013 20944 PM.bmp

It is a car that has relatively low mileage (94,000 according to the listing), has a big 383 under the hood, and of course, Chryslers indestructible TorgueFlite automatic. Remember, this car seats about 20, so you can go practically anywhere you want… just bring your jukebox money. Current bid is at $800, with an unmet reserve. See the listing here: [sc:ebay itemid=”181067735976″ linktext=”1966 Chrysler Newport Town Sedan” ]

Fullscreen capture 1272013 22825 PM.bmp

Here is a beautiful 1962 Chrysler Newport 2-Door hardtop, showing only 52,000 miles. This is the second year for this particular body style created by Virgil Exner. The canted headlamps stayed the same as the 1961, but the fabulous tail fins were plucked off, so it wasn’t quite as flamboyant.

Fullscreen capture 1272013 22809 PM.bmp

Whatever, this is still a great looking Chrysler and I bet you would give anything to own one like it. The interior is tryly a sight to behold, with a lot of brightwork, pushbutton automatic, and a good old bench seat. Bidding is up to $6,647, with over ten days to go. It has a little further to climb before its sold, so why not take a look at the listing here:[sc:ebay itemid=”221182336926″ linktext=”1962 Chrysler Newport” ]

Fullscreen capture 1272013 23951 PM.bmp

How about this 1964 Chrysler Newport 2-Door Hardtop? This was the last year for this body style, as well as the last year for the Chrysler Wrap-Around windshield, and the infamous pushbutton transmission selector. 92,000 miles on this car, with an updated interior, and cool vintage wheels. However, this is another car without A/C… oh well.

Fullscreen capture 1272013 24033 PM.bmp

The buy it now pricetag is $8,950, which seems like a lot compared with the other cars. See the listing here:[sc:ebay itemid=”390530612037″ linktext=”1964 Chrysler Newport” ]

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12 responses to “Weekend Edition – Furys, Polaras, and Newports… Oh My; What about Newports?”

  1. david42 Avatar

    Those Town Sedans are super rare. If you don't have a/c in AZ, more windows is probably the WRONG answer, but still…. nice to see a survivor.

  2. Sjalabais Avatar

    Beautiful collection! But are "steel belted tires" something special to be mentioned in an ad?

  3. Peter Tanshanomi Avatar
    Peter Tanshanomi

    My dad was never a car guy, but he bought a brand-new Newport Custom in 1967, and he thought he was on top of the world. He promised me I'd get it when he replaced it, but by the time it was put out to pasture in '77 he decided it was too far gone.

  4. Rust-MyEnemy Avatar

    I'll take the '70 so I can be like Paul Walker in "Road Kill". Actually, I'll take the '70 plus a trunkfull of '61 and '64 taillights. I like them.

  5. From_a_Buick_6 Avatar

    That '66 is kind of a piece of crap, and you could land a small plane on the decklid of that fuselage coupe, but…heck…I think the correct answer here is "I'll take all of them."

    1. dukeisduke Avatar

      The '66 may be a Town Sedan, but it's still a cheap Newport. No thanks, I'll take a New Yorker.

    2. dead_elvis Avatar

      Right after I win free fuel for life.

  6. carter Avatar

    My father had a '72 Sedan in pastel yellow. He still touts it as his favorite car of any he's owned. They used to smuggle people into Darien Lake amusement park in the trunk of it. It was also apparently a cinch to work on compared to my mothers Delta 88 of similar vintage. I've always wanted one.

  7. skitter Avatar

    Every time I see one of those '62s here, I think the rear styling is among the very best for any car. I want that tail end with the front of…. something, anything else.

    1. Fred Avatar

      You can get that rear styling with the front of a 1961 Dodge Polara on a 1962 Dodge Custom 880, and the same rear styling with somewhat modified taillights and a much better front on a 1963 Custom 880.

  8. C³-Cool Cadillac Cat Avatar
    C³-Cool Cadillac Cat

    The '72 'coupe' appeals to me, but I've gotsta haz me some A/C.
    I'm going to have to resume my (foolish) search for a '69 or '73 Imperial 2-door.
    1973 Imperial two-door sedan. The longest two door production car…ever.
    I'll take my malaise king-sized, please.

  9. Nvanbccan Avatar

    Should't that 64 have a "square" steering wheel? My buddy's 64 Windsor did!