Weekend Edition – A Cadillac finished in Orange; Desirable or Not?

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Welcome to a belated Weekend Edition here on Hooniverse. I thought I would start out with this rather Orange Cadillac I spotted over at the Ornch Car Cult Facebook Page. This is suppose to be the school colors for the University of Texas, and nothing says Texas better than a big, old, Cadillac. Does this car peg the desirability meter, or not?

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According to the Craigslist Listing:

1975 Cadillac Sedan DeVille
Mileage: 79,823 miles
Engine: 8-Cylinder 500 V-8
Transmission: Automatic
Exterior: Mandarin Orange Poly
Interior: Gold Maharaja cloth & leather
Have original owners manual and maintenance records
Included: several original parts, matching paint for touch-ups and a nice 8-track collection

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This car is a head-turning classic! Feels like driving a cloud while sitting in the lounge of a 1970’s Vegas casino. The interior is unreal with all the fine details that only a prototypical Cadillac from the 70’s could provide: power bench front seat, power windows/locks, functioning cigarette lighters/ashtrays in every door, vintage 8-track + AM/FM stereo, no fixed window frames for full-breeze cruising, and caddy logos everywhere! Seriously, I take people for rides in this thing and they lose their minds. Plus if you’re a UT fan, this might just be the ultimate in Longhorn-orange-colored-tailgating-badassedness. Fill the Texas-sized trunk with ice and cold beers and the Game is On!

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I inherited this Caddy two years ago from my Grandmother who kept it undriven in her garage for 15 years and haven’t put more than 200 miles on it since. There was one previous owner before her. I have tons of maintenance documentation going back to the 80’s. My uncle did all of the initial work to get it running again and I’ve maintained it since.

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Work done in the last two years
New cap, rotor, plugs and wires
New air cleaner
New fuel pump
New power steering hoses
New alternator
New radiator hoses
New power steering pump
New thermostat
New battery
New tires
Replaced fuel lines
Oil and filter changed
Replaced rubber molding around bumper with fiber glass units

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Known Issues
Registration and inspection tags are both expired.
Transmission: there’s a fluid leak…it starts fine and runs well but is staying in 2nd gear overly long before shifting up. Did all the checks with a mechanic and couldn’t find the problem. Might need to be replaced.
Has factory A/C but doesn’t blow cold.
Passenger side trim missing. I have a matching replacement piece (included) but it needs to be cut down to fit. Other parts of the trim are a little bent.
8-track player installed and working but no sound. I think the speakers are fine, just a wiring issue.
Some wear and tear on the interior (a couple of cracks in leather, burns and steering wheel).
Small nick on the front windshield glass.
Passenger side sun visor doesn’t stay up.
The original steel body part that goes over & between the tail lights and under the license plate has been replaced with a custom made plastic version and painted to match. It’s a little scratched up.

Asking price for this big old Cadillac is $7,000. It is located in East Austin, which is near the new Formula 1 Track, as well as probably the most liberal of Texas Cities, so it might be worth the trip just to look at this little bit of a longhorn tribute. Take a look at the listing here, or if the ad disappears, click here.

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