pocket-sized miata drift car with working headlights

Watch this Hot Wheels Miata become an awesome RC drift car with working headlights!

It’s fun to sling a Hot Wheels car around the room. Or over your desk. Or down the hall. Pretty much anywhere you want to roll a Hot Wheels is the right place to do so. What if you want to see it move under power, though? Well, if you’re as skilled as TLS Garage, you can turn a Hot Wheels car into a pocket-sized drift machine complete with working pop-up headlights.

What starts out as a standard Mazda Miata Hot Wheels car becomes so much more. The car is taken down to a bare shell before being stripped of its paint and prepped for the gear that will make it move. There’s a smart yet simple solution to make the pop-up headlights do their thing. Additionally, the use of magnets to hold body panels together is great as well.

This is a very fun build, and the resulting toy would be a blast to drive around on your floor, on a counter-top, or in your garage. Yes, now I want one for myself. I need to go find a 1/43-scale Montero… and then find the skills to bring it to life like this Miata here.

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