Watch this gorgeous documentary on the Isle of Man TT

It’s wild that the race continues on to this day…
The Isle of Man TT race is an amazing event. I was fortunate to attend once a few years back and, even as someone who doesn’t care much more motorcycles, was blown away. The speed. The focus. The dedication and passion of the fans. And the chance that someone pushing themselves and their machine to the limit will meet a tragic end… it’s an awe-inspiring race.
Studiokippenberger has prepared a beautifully shot 18-minute documentary covering the race. Through the eyes of those that race there, the film covers a bit of the “why” of the TT. 
Black and white interview pieces are cut around absolutely gorgeous footage of both the race itself and a general riding bit that is itself a joy to watch.
Find 18 minutes to yourself and give this one a watch.

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