Watch these two Ford GT40 race cars battle it out at Goodwood

Andre Lotterer is in the blue car. Gordon Shedden is wheeling in the silver car. One of these men is a multiple British Touring Car champion. The other is a multiple winner at Le Mans. When you talk about great showdowns, this is a prime example of that. A pair of Ford GT40s rip around the Goodwood circuit with real racers at the helms. The fighting is tight, aggressive, and clean. And it’s all a joy to watch.

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4 responses to “Watch these two Ford GT40 race cars battle it out at Goodwood”

  1. Mike Malsed Avatar
    Mike Malsed

    love that old school racing – set the car, little drift, counter and just friggin DRIVE baby DRIVE.

    Thanks Jeff! That was fun!

  2. Rubens Florentino Junior Avatar

    I believe in the heat of the race they just forget they are driving cars worth millions of dollars.

  3. Maymar Avatar

    I love the Goodwood content on its own, but it even gets my son’s seal of approval, one of the few things he doesn’t complain about dad putting on the TV and seems to happily watch.

    I have no aspirations of wealth, but the GT40 (and the 2000’s Ford GT, for that matter) make me reconsider that.

  4. OanLena Avatar

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