King of the Hammers Live

Watch King of the Hammers LIVE right now!

The King of the Hammers (KOH) is off-road insanity out in the Johnson Valley area of California. It combines desert racing and rock crawling into one wild event. You have tens of thousands of fans descending on the area to watch it all go down. But if you can’t make it to Hammertown, as it becomes so dubbed, you can stop working and start watching right at your desk.

King of the Hammers is streaming live, right now. Right here, via Facebook. Click play below.

You’ll see Trophy Trucks mixing it up with Ultra4s, but it’s usually the California landscape that has the best winning percentage. And this is a no-chase race, which means team members have to fix their own rigs should they break down.

Put away the spreadsheets. Put on your headphones. Enjoy some live off-road action.

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One response to “Watch King of the Hammers LIVE right now!”

  1. nanoop Avatar

    I’m too tired to follow details, but this is great entertainment indeed.